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We  are big fans of Sepp Holzer and his techniques. Lets face it anyone who can grow lemons and kiwis in the Austrian Alps at 4000 feet is someone to listen to and learn from…

Check out this video of his farm… Heaven on earth I say…

What’s hugelkulture? Basically you bury a bunch of wood, throw on some top soil and mulch and voila you have the ultimate grow beds that depending on the size need little or no irrigation or fertilizer… As the wood composts it generates heat  provides nutrients and airates the soil… This is little or no maintenance and can extend the growing season as the roots stay warmer longer…

For more info check out

This is a drawing from
This is a drawing from

Here are some hugelkultur’s we have built recently in various stages of completion…





hugelkultur’s are a good place to get rid of  tree prunings


Here is a finished hugelkultur tree well



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